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Upgrading an account

What is upgrading?

To allow you to use certain features on our sites, we require extra information – we refer to this as “upgrading” your account.

One example is the Sky Sports Fantasy Football competition's 'Private League+' function. Private Leagues allow groups of friends to contribute prize money into their own private competition. To ensure the participants are all over 18, and to enable deposits and withdrawals, we offer the upgrade process. The process also involves providing some additional security information and the acceptance of our Terms & Conditionsand Privacy Policy

Why should I upgrade?

As well as additional benefits such as the above, an upgraded account can also be used on Sky Bet, Poker, Bingo and Vegas. As well as enjoying the various betting markets and range of games on offer, you may also receive a welcome bonus for doing so.

Does it cost to Upgrade?

No! The process of upgrading is completely free. You may be offered the opportunity to deposit funds in doing so but this will be optional (note that some additional services may require a deposit to activate).

Can I 'downgrade'?

Downgrading an upgraded account is not possible. If you have concerns about the betting and gaming functions of your account, please visit our Cool Off and Self Exclusion pages for further details on how you can limit these.

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