Sky Casino Game Rules


1.1 At Sky Casino, we run a number of different promotions and games, which vary from time to time. For more information on the specific terms and conditions that apply to the game you are playing, please check the link to that game on our ‘Promotions’ page, available here.
1.2 If you require help in relation to the rules for a particular Casino game, please use the dedicated “i” button on the game play page and you will be able to view the rules and mechanics for that game.
1.3 When you play any game or place a bet or otherwise use the Sky Casino Services, you agree to be bound by any additional end user terms and conditions including individual game supplier rules in respect of the games on our Sky Casino Services. If you do not accept those third party terms and conditions, do not use the relevant third party software.


2.1 To welcome you to Sky Casino, we may offer you a welcome offer. The terms of our welcome offers will vary from time to time. Please see our website and the current welcome offer terms for more information, available here.
2.2 For further details and the full list of current promotions on Sky Casino, please see here.
2.3 If you have received an offer via email, the complete terms and conditions of that offer may not be contained within the body of the email itself. To view these terms, please use the link contained within the email invitation.


3.1 Playing games in ‘Demo Play’ allows you to try some of our games for free. To play in ‘Demo Play’, where available, select ‘Demo Play’ or ‘Play for Fun’ when the applicable game loads.
3.2 If you choose this option, you will be given a ‘demo balance’. Please be aware that in Demo Play some games may be subject to geographical restrictions, and in any case will be subject to our permitted countries list only, as set out in our General Terms and Conditions, available here (and on our website here).


4.1 The minimum and maximum bet size on Sky Casino games varies from game to game and is displayed on screen. Please see the individual game for more information.
4.2 Once you have confirmed the details of your wager and started the game, usually by taking an action such as ‘Play’, ‘Bet’ or ‘Spin’, your wager will be deemed to be accepted, and may not be changed or varied.
4.3 If you have any doubts about whether your bet or wager has been accepted, please view your Account history, or contact our Customer Care Team as soon as possible.


5.1 To view the ‘Paytable’ information for your particular game, click the ‘Paytable’ or “Info” button located in the game window or view the ‘Game Information’ page.
5.2 Return to player (“RTP”) is the percentage of wins awarded to the total stakes played, calculated over a large number of games played. Please note that RTP may vary more widely in either direction when it is calculated over a smaller number of games played, due to the statistical variance.
5.3 Maximum pay-out varies from game to game. For more information including full details of maximum pay-outs, please see the ‘Game Information’ page for the game concerned or the ‘Paytable’ within the game. The total maximum winnings for one Account in any one calendar day are as set out in our General Terms and Conditions, available here.


6.1 If you believe that you have been paid an incorrect amount from a game, first check the ‘Paytable’ to establish when the payout for that game will occur. Please note that your payout will often be a multiple of your unit stake and not your total stake (e.g. if you are playing a 9 line slot at 0.10 a line, your payout could be determined from the 0.10, not the 0.90 staked per spin).
6.2 If this has not resolved the problem, please consult the ‘Help’ files within the particular game under the ‘Options’ button, and if this does not resolve your problem, contact our Customer Care Team for further help and support.


7.1 To establish what circumstances will trigger a bonus or bonus round, please consult the ‘Paytable’ option or ‘Game Information’ page for the game in which you are taking part. These links should be available in the ‘Options’ button within the game or as a separate ‘Paytable’ button.
7.2 If you have read these terms and still believe a bonus should have been triggered, please contact our Customer Care Team.
7.3 Cashback on Sky Casino is calculated as a percentage of your net losses over a specified period of time. It is not calculated as a percentage of the amount you stake, or the amount you deposit. For full details on cashback and how you can work out what your cashback will be, please see our Cashback page, available here.
7.4 Cashback bonuses will be credited between two (2) to five (5) working days following the end of the promotional period. For the exact timescale of the promotion, please check the individual terms and conditions for the offer concerned on the Sky Casino Promotions page, available here.
7.5 If you are disconnected or your game freezes during a bonus round of a Sky Casino game, this will not affect the outcome of the round. Logging back into your Account and re-launching the game will in the majority of cases allow the game to play out in full. If you are unable to complete a bonus round please contact our Customer Care Team. We will not be liable for any damage or loss suffered or incurred by you as a result of any incomplete, illegible, lost or delayed transactions (including as a result of technical failure).


8.1 All of the games on Sky Casino are regulated by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC). Our Random Number Generator (“RNG”) is audited by the third party company Technical Systems Testing (“TST”), who are global experts in the analysis of RNG's used for online gaming purposes. TST are approved by the AGCC to conduct compliance testing. For more information on TST and their credentials please click here.


9.1 To play Sky Casino, you will need Adobe Flash Player. The latest version of Adobe Flash Player is available to download here. Installation is free.
9.2 If you feel a Sky Casino game is not running as quickly as it should, this may be due to a network connectivity issue (usually our slot machines for example take 3 (three) seconds to complete a spin). You may be able to help improve the speed of Sky Casino games by deleting your cookies, cache and/or history and reducing the amount of tasks running in the background, such as downloading music.


At Sky Casino, we have a huge list of games for you to play. Our games are grouped according to the following categories:

  1. Roulette
  2. Blackjack
  3. Live Casino
  4. Slots
  5. Table Games
  6. Video Poker

For more information on the rules and terms and conditions that apply for all of these games, please see our main page.

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