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Changing a Payment Method

Changing your primary payment method

Your current payment method is also known as your primary payment method. This is the payment method that is used whenever you attempt a Deposit or Withdrawal on your account.

To select a different payment method you have used in the past, e.g. you wish to change to your PayPal account from your Debit Card, this can be done by clicking the 'Banking' tab within the 'My Account' section (available by clicking your name in the top left-hand corner)

Within the Banking section, you'll then need to click the 'Manage Payment Methods' link to be taken to the 'My payment methods' page. This page gives you information on the payment methods you have on your account, the opportunity to add a new method and also the number of payment methods you are currently permitted to add.

See available payment methods

To switch to an alternative payment method, select it from the 'Manage Payment Methods' section and click on  'Make Primary'. Once switched, clicking the Back to payment methods or Back to My Account links will take you to the relevant screens.

Change payment method now

Changing the details of an existing payment method

If you've received new details for an existing payment method - most commonly a new version of an existing debit or credit card on your account - you can enter the updated payment details by utilising the 'Deposit funds using a new payment method' links on the 'Manage Payment Methods' and 'Deposit Funds' pages.

If you wish to add the new details without depositing funds, remove old details that have been replaced or amend e-wallet details on your account please contact us and we'll be happy to look into it for you.

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